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Rock's Moving offers full replacement value insurance at no extra charge, showcasing our confidence in our movers. Unlike most companies with inadequate "cents per pound" coverage, we prioritize your belongings' true value. Our $25,000 bond provides additional security, ensuring your peace of mind. Choose Rock's Moving for comprehensive insurance and worry-free relocation. Click here to see our Certificate.

Rock's Moving carries workers compensation!

Protect yourself and DO NOT hire a company unless they have workers compensation. You could be liable if a worker is injured. Do not take their word for it that they have it. Make sure you have a copy of their worker's compensation certificate printed out BEFORE YOU HIRE a moving company. ACCORD FORM

Rock’s Contract, Terms, and Conditions

We don’t want to keep anything hidden from you. These are the terms and conditions you will be asked to agree to on the day of your move. Click this link to see the terms and conditions.

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